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Pyro City Buy Online

To make shopping for fireworks more convenient, faster, and easier, Pyro City launched a buy online, pick up in-store option in 2020. Whether you shop online or in-store you will be able to scroll through 100’s of fireworks, watch product videos, make a wish list or add to your online shopping cart.

The first step to purchasing your fireworks online is to select your store. Because our Pyro City stores are family operated and don’t have the buying power like global or regional retailers our product selection; online participation and pricing vary by store. And since fireworks are explosives, they cannot be shipped to consumers – so make sure you select the store closest to you.

  1. Click locations to find your local store and select the store you wish to shop at
  2. Watch product videos
  3. Add your favorite fireworks to your cart
  4. Purchase your fireworks (we collect all the standard information)
  5. Select your pickup date and time slot
  6. You’ll receive a confirmation email when your order is ready for pick up!
  1. Your driver licenses
  2. The credit card that was used to make the online purchase
  3. Confirmation email


Our buy online, pick up in-store program is still new, and we will continue to evolve it every year. For now, this option will most likely be made available May – July and potentially again in the fall for the New Years season. If you have questions, call your local store and they will get you taken care of!

Check out our video from when we first launched the program!

Check out our video! 

*Participation, product selection, and pricing vary by store

Change Your Location

Please note that if you change your location, your wishlist and cart will be reset. Our locations have different inventories.